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THE major online event on trauma
Plunge into the heart of healing and resilience

New insights into trauma, attachment wounds and their consequences

Living a more resilient and fulfilled life is possible! Discover innovative approaches and novel cutting-edge techniques to better understand and treat psychological trauma.

Transform your approach to trauma and attachment

The Trauma, Attach(e)ment & Resilience Summit is a key event for professionals and the general public alike: it's the annual gathering with the biggest names in trauma and attachment. The Summit provides in-depth immersion into the latest advances and techniques for understanding, treating and transcending trauma.

Do you wonder about the true nature of trauma and attachment, and how they impact our lives?

Would you like to enhance your therapeutic skills to better support your patients/clients on their healing journey?

Would you like to turn the challenges you face into opportunities that allow you to be freer and more grounded and secure?

Are you looking for innovative approaches and holistic methods to treat trauma, such as IFS, PVT, RI, EMDR, AEDP, SE, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, Trauma-Informed Mindfulness, or Self-Compassion? *

Do you want to be part of a committed community working to further the understanding of trauma and promote the most effective treatments?

If these questions make sense to you, then get your Unlimited Pack today for over 32 hours of discovery, learning and personal and professional transformation!

* IFS : Internal Family Systems ; TPV : Théorie Polyvagale ; IR : Intelligence Relationnelle ; EMDR : Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing ; l'AEDP : Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy.

"There is hope in knowing that while our earliest experiences shape our nervous system, our life experiences can reshape it."

Deb dana

Trauma is an invisible prison
Talking about it it a societal necessity

Since 2022, our Trauma, Attach(e)ment & Resilience Summits have brought together over 140,000 participants, attesting to the importance attached to these themes. Trauma, often perceived as an individual issue, actually has profound societal implications affecting each and every one of us, directly or indirectly

Our aim is to shed light on trauma, demystifying it and addressing its many facets with kindness and expertise. Here, professionals and the general public come together to explore, learn and share strategies for coping with, understanding and transforming trauma.

Discover and disseminate new avenues of treatment to help restore victims' voices.

GET the Summit Replay Pack to ...

Gain an in-depth understanding of trauma, its origins and its impact on individuals and society.

Develop your resilience, whether for yourself or to help others, by establishing wellness and healing practices in your daily life or in your therapeutic work. 

Discover effective strategies for dealing with trauma, using techniques and approaches such as IFS, PVT, RI, SE and EMDR. 

Be able to identify and soothe the symptoms of trauma in your patients or in yourself, thus contributing to a more effective healing process.

Be equipped to raise awareness and educate those around you about the importance of recognizing and dealing with trauma. 

Gain resources and knowledge that will enrich your therapeutic practice or personal understanding of trauma and attachment.

Possess the keys to transforming traumatic experiences into opportunities for growth and development.

A summit for professionals and the general public alike

A friendly, compassionate atmosphere and an abundance of knowledge, skills and wisdom to deepen your knowledge or exploit your potential: the Trauma, Attach(e)ment & Resilience Summit is open to everyone!

For those in the healthcare 
and helping professions

 who want to enrich their own practice and take better care of traumatized people: doctors, psychotherapists, psychiatrists, psychologists, nurses, physiotherapists, speech therapists, occupational therapists, educators, alternative or energy therapists, coaches, yoga teachers, meditation teachers, social workers, emergency shelters, non-profits... 

The general public

Anyone interested in psychology, and more specifically in the issues of trauma, attachment theory and resilience.  


Individuals suffering from trauma, attachment disorders, generalized anxiety or other symptoms with traumatic origins, seeking keys to a better understanding of their experience and ways to heal and to transcend traumatic events.

Professionals, enrich your therapeutic practice 
with cutting-edge tools and knowledge. 
Enthusiasts, deepen your understanding 
of trauma and attachment.

The 30 talks

Discover advanced trauma treatment techniques from the biggest names in psychology, health and well-being.

"Trauma is perhaps the single most avoided, ignored, denied, misunderstood and non-treated source of human suffering."

peter levine

The best summit on trauma!
41,219 people took part in the 2024 edition

"I admired your work, your seriousness, your benevolence, your intelligence, now I admire you in joy, friendship, the beauty of the heart. Thank you 🙏💓🌼"


"Very interesting talk, great ability to explain theory in an very accessible way. Thank you for sharing your knowledge."


"What a joy your summit is, and what immense gratitude I feel for being able to attend it. I discovered the theme of my trauma at the age of 44, and I've been on the road ever since. I'm amazed to see how many people are working on this subject and sharing all their discoveries. They enable me to love myself more and more, because at last I understand my behaviors and feelings, I recognize myself and all this richness reaches me at 81. Keep going, keep going, because this world is suffering from all its unacknowledged wounds. I bless your commitment, which fills me with joy and hope."


"This summit is truly a tremendous resource for all professionals wishing to build on and disseminate these contributions, which are very little used in France! Thank you, thank you for this transmission of resources and the momentum you're passing on to us!!!"


"Thank you for making this summit happen, for choosing top-quality speakers, and for making them accessible to French speakers, thanks to equally top-quality professional translators. This was my first time attending and I'm absolutely delighted to have discovered this summit. I felt right at home."


"A big THANK YOU 🙏. Thank you to the speakers for the quality of their talks and their willingness to share their approach 😊. Thank you to Florence Bernard for leading the talks and choosing the right questions to help us better understand 😊. And thank you to Quantum Way for making these talks accessible to us and with the added bonus of French translation 😉."

Dom Toum

"As a human being and a therapist, this summit has given me a great deal of direction and insight into the multiple aspects of trauma and the existence of a host of therapeutic techniques and methods, all of which are interesting and relevant. Many thanks to QW for organizing this summit and making it accessible. Many thanks to Florence and the whole team, and to all the speakers."

Cabinet Médical La Tulipe 

"Braaaaaaaaaaaavoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo to the whole team, top synergy during these 10 days to open our hearts, repair ourselves, rejoice in being alive and on the path to our best selves, to listen to the world and others with more benevolence and respect for ourselves and others. Long live self-compassion and compassion for the LIVING".


"A big thank you to the team for all the energy and hard work you put into sharing all these treasures with us, with speakers of the highest quality. SO GRATEFUL!"


"By filling this gap, which I've felt for a long time, and making such approaches accessible to the French-speaking world, you offer an opening, connection, hope... for a collective journey. A sense of fairness and purpose. THANK YOU!!!! 🙏🪻"


"This summit on resilience was a magnificent experience. A thousand thanks to the whole team for your investment and the sharing of innovative therapies that reinforce my professional practice and my passion for human beings, who always have the resources to fight if they are helped."


"Thank you to the whole QW team for this wonderful summit! Thank you Florence for your presence and for such pleasant facilitation! Thank you to all the speakers! It was very touching and inspiring to listen to you! I'm already looking forward to seeing you again next year! Thank you for everything!"


"The Quantum Way Summit is like a treasure chest with so many riches inside, so many nuggets to rediscover."


The Summit Replay Pack

Would you like to rewatch the 30 talks at your own pace? 
Would you like to add to your knowledge and training? 

Then our Unlimited Pack is for you!

Unlimited Pack

€ 297
All talks with unlimited lifetime access
In French and English
Money-back guarantee* 
A dedicated Facebook group to ask your questions and engage with the community
Downloadable audio versions

*For 14 days from the date of purchase


Is the summit in English?

Yes, the Summit is fully available both in French and in English, thanks to simultaneous interpreting by our professional inerpreters Anne-Laure Gex, Dawn Sheridan and Sophie Deprez.

I wasn't able to attend the summit and i want to catch up on it, what can I do?

You can purchase the Unlimited Pack to access the recordings of the talks at your convenience.

When will the replays be available?

The recordings are already online, you will have direct access to them once your purchase is completed.


How can I access Replay Pack content after purchase?

After purchase, you'll receive instructions by email on how to access Replay Pack content on our e-learning platform. It's that simple.

Is there a money-back guarantee for the Replay Packs?

Yes, we offer a money-back guarantee for the Replay Packs. Buy your Replay Pack risk-free and benefit from Quantum Way's money-back guarantee. If you're not fully satisfied, send us an email to info@quantum-way.com with the reasons for your dissatisfaction within 14 days of your purchase, and we'll refund you. At Quantum Way, we're convinced you'll learn more than you ever imagined.

Can I pay in instalments?

Yes, you can pay in instalments with Paypal or Klarna.

Is there a discussion or support group for people who have purchased the Replay Packs?

Yes, when you buy the Unlimited Pack, you have access to a dedicated Facebook group where you can ask questions and chat with the community.

How can I get help if I have technical problems with a Replay Pack?

In the event of a technical problem, you can contact us by email.

There are several themes that interest me, how can I prepare or go further?

You can discover our other programs here.

Can I watch the earlier summits?

The previous summits are accessible as Replay Packs.

OUR mission

At Quantum Way, we are therapists first and foremost, all trained in our respective specialties in attachment issues and trauma treatment.

Talking about attachment and trauma in the open, without taboos and with kindness and compassion, in an online conference, accessible free of charge, can help people suffering from the symptoms of trauma understand that what they are experiencing is the result of what happened to them: trauma, neglect, violence, shock... experienced in early childhood, in adulthood, inherited from their elders or experienced on the scale of the community, of society as a whole.

The Trauma, Attach(e)ment & Resilience online summit aims to give healthcare professionals and people in all helping professions the keys to spotting and taking care of the signs of suffering in children or adults they encounter in their practice. We aim to shed new light on trauma, attachment wounds and their consequences for everyone, using a wide range of approaches and techniques such as Mindfulness, IFS, Polyvagal theory, EMDR, EFT, IR...

L'équipe quantum way

Florence bernard

As a therapist constantly on the lookout for new approaches and new ways of understanding my clients and the world in which I evolve, it was natural for me to join the Quantum Way project and create this Summit. I host it with passion and emotion every year.

Liz Carey Libbrecht

Mindfulness teacher, therapist, translator. Quantum Way was born of my personal journey and my desire to share. This summit is profoundly meaningful, encapsulating the journey from surviving to thriving: healing, evolving, understanding, learning, transmitting...

Marc Maouad

As a writer, director and lover of all things human, I offer a different perspective on the subjects addressed by Quantum Way, and bring my personal touch to everything to do with sound and image.

Jean-Michel Gurret

As a psychotherapist and pioneer of energy psychology and Clinical EFT training in the French-speaking world, I am committed to promoting the most effective methods for treating trauma.

Find the keys to a more resilient and fulfilled life.


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